Family Tree Health, your holistic healthcare centre

Our passionate and friendly team of holistic healthcare professionals have years of experience, get in touch to find out how we could help you. Our team can assist you with:

  • Chiropractic problems
  • Child-only Chiropractic
  • Chiropractic for families
  • Homeopathy
  • Myotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Traditional Chinese Medecine
  • Psychology
  • Lactation Consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and newborn education sessions

Child-only Chiropractor

Dr Paul Chamberlain, Chiropractor

Dr Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain has a passion to help families raise the happiest and healthiest children. He assesses their growing bodies, performs developmental checks, explores nutrition and sleeping routines - seeking 'whole-of-life' holistic care. He has worked exclusively in children’s wellness - exploring the cause of childhood health problems - for the past 15 years with patients ranging from birth to 18 years. Talk to our Child-Only chiropractor today. 

Dr Melissa CarFamily Chiropractor

Dr Melissa Car

Melissa’s passion is health and wellbeing and to inspire people to reach their full potential both physically and mentally through chiropractic care.  Her vision is to inspire and provide knowledge to the community, to expand their awareness about health and well being and our body’s innate healing ability through a healthy functioning nervous system, allowing them to make educated and empowered choices about their health.

Dr Clare IsaacOsteopath

Dr Clare Isaac

Clare Isaac is an experienced Osteopath who enjoys caring for both children and adults. After graduating from RMIT University in 1999 with a double bachelor degree, Clare spent two years in New Zealand, before returning to work in Melbourne. Using Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, Clare applies very gentle musculoskeletal care to children and adults of all ages.

Elite Myotherapy

Sam Rigby, Edgar Campos, Lani Watt & Nicole Davies

Sam, Edgar, Lani and Nicole - our team of myotherapists - lead the way in myotherapy in Australia. Their sporting experience is broad, with roles in the women's Australian Tennis Open, many AFL and VFL Clubs, as well as some Olympic teams. At Family Tree Health, they have embarked on a world-first paediatric massage practice.

Jennifer DawsonPsychologist

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson is an experienced psychologist with a special interest in caring for people who have suffered trauma - both physical and emotional. She cares for children and adults, and is expanding her paediatric experience here at Family Tree Health.

Matthew PowerTraditional Chinese Medicine

Matt Power

Matt Power is an experienced TCM practitioner, with masters training in Herbal Medicine. He uses needling, cupping and herbs to lift the health and vitality of all his clients. While he sees adults of all ages, he also runs an active children's practice.

Gabrielle BrodieHomeopath

Gabrielle Brodie

Gabrielle Brodie is an experienced homeopath who cares for children and adults of all ages. Gabrielle brings a wealth of experience and warmth to her sessions. Her training has taken her around the world, most recently to India for an international conference on homeopathy.


Lactation Consultant

Kellie Eason

Kellie Eason

We are delighted to welcome Kellie Eason to our Family. Kellie is a Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with extensive training and experience in Family and Child Health.


Chiropractor's Assistant

Louise Anna

Louise brings warmth and a beautiful calm aura to the Chiropractor's Assistant role at Family Tree Health. A local mother of two, Louise loves making people feel welcome and comfortable.

Rachel WaterhouseChiropractor's Assistant

Rachel Waterhouse

As a Chiropractor's Assistant, Rachel takes pleasure in ensuring families feel at home in our centre. Most families who attend comment on the beautiful energy in our centre - Rachel takes much of the credit for that!


The Birth Hub

Jo - Doula and Childhood Educator & Catina - Midwife and Maternal & Child Health Nurse


These regular Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Education Sessions are open to those currently pregnant and their team who are seeking information, tools, techniques and support around the upcoming birth of their baby.

These are sessions where you can tune-in to you and the baby and the journey that is unfolding. You will gain important skills that can help you feel confident in your ability to work with what is to come. And you will gain knowledge and direction to help you to make conscious, empowered decisions about the directions you take